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From the Principal

Welcome to the world of MLC

MLC is an extraordinary college with a wealth of history as well as a clear eye on the future and how we can best prepare our students for a world which we cannot even begin to imagine.

We pride ourselves on being an open and diverse community – truly reflecting the global society which we all inhabit and recognising the considerable range of interests and aptitudes that our students demonstrate.

The strength of any community is dependent upon the individuals. The MLC staff team comprises a group of talented, professional men and women who are wholly committed to ensuring that the MLC students achieve their very best.

MLC has long been recognised for educational innovations. We are a technology rich environment that implements a broad range of tools to enhance each and every student's learning.

MLC continues to innovate and be a leader in education outdoor programs and sustainable education at MLC’s Remote Sites, MLC Banksia (Years 5 – 8) and MLC Marshmead (Year 9).

More generally, we pride ourselves on being able to offer every student a wide range of options - from the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Years 11 and 12 to over 70 VCE and VCE VET subjects. Perhaps your daughter has already demonstrated linguistic skills and wishes to study French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish or access our innovative French Immersion program?

Perhaps your daughter has her heart set on joining the hospitality profession and wishes to take VCE VET Hospitality and practise her skills in the MLC Terrace Restaurant? Or perhaps your daughter has a particular passion for mathematics, for English literature or generally is inquisitive because she wants to know more?

MLC’s professional staff will ensure that your daughter’s interests and passions are ignited and developed. Outside their studies we encourage our students to involve themselves in a full range of co-curricular activities, clubs and committees.

Whether your daughter wishes to advance her skills in the gymnasium, compete in the pool or on the sports field, whether she wishes to develop her musicianship or perform on the stage, a world of opportunity awaits her at every turn at MLC.

Our students lead busy, fulfilling lives and we recognise the support they need in order to make the most of everything on offer. Importantly we offer a range of Wellbeing Programs across all age groups in order to ensure that our students are well grounded and to ensure they know where to turn for advice and support to help them develop into responsible and compassionate adult citizens, ready to take their place in the world.

I hope that this website provides you with an insight into what makes MLC so special and unique. I very much hope that you and your daughter will visit us, so that you can meet our enthusiastic, engaged and happy students and sense the tangible pride and affection that we all have for MLC.

I know I have found my place at MLC and I look forward to helping your daughter find hers.

Diana Vernon