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2020 Vision

From Diana Vernon, Principal.

As we have all commented, 2020 has already been a most challenging year. Personally, it has been the most extraordinary term that I have ever experience as a Principal, or indeed as a student, and I know that many would share similar sentiments.

We have so far faced two unprecedented challenges: the Bushfires early in the year and its direct impact on our Marshmead campus and staff, then the increasing threat of COVID 19. The way in which everyone - staff, students and families - has responded has been extraordinarily impressive, and I am most appreciative of the resilience, support and spirit shown by the MLC community.

For a overview of our actions regarding both situations, please read the following.
Bushfires: Mallacoota and Marshmead Impact
We are extremey fortunate that MLC Marshmead, located in the Croajingalong National Park near Mallacoota, was unharmed from the East Gippsland bushfires. It was not without great concern, with the fire's edge burning close to the property's boundaries.

Through January and February, Marshmead hosted three crews of 16-20 DELWP (Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning) personnel who have worked hard to protect both Marshmead and the surrounding area. Multiple CFA and emergency services crews have used Marshmead as their base, and in early March a team of elite California firefighters, known as the ‘Hot Shots’, stayed at the site to work on containment lines to control the fire still going in the nearby Howe Range. In addition, you may also have read about the team of scientists from Zoos Victoria who were flown in to Marshmead to rescue 15 Eastern Bristlebirds, as their habitat in nearby Howe Flat was under threat.

Our wonderful Marshmead staff worked tirelessly through the summer to ensure the property and livestock were as best protected as possible, despite themselves having been evactuated from their own houses and being only able to reach the property by boat.

The MLC community rallied to assist the town of Mallacoota, who had experienced tremendous hardship from the fires. There were several individual initiatives, as well as a student-led Bushfire Appeal that raised over $32,000. Overall our community raised over $50,000, which is outstanding. Our student committee will be making recommendations, on advice from a local Mallacoota recovery committee as to where we direct the funds. Congratulations and thank you to our incredible community for their generosity!

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COVID 19 - MLC embraces continuous online learning
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