March 22, 2017

Jade and Paris Bianco are starting to forge their own memories of MLC after hearing their mother, Carmen Bianco (1987) speak fondly of the school and the friends she made here.

Jade came to MLC just over a year ago and is now in Year 9, while her sister Paris is a Year 7 student and enjoying her inaugural term at the College. From their very first days, Carmen Bianco (1987) could see that the family had made the right choice.

“Even in our short time here, the girls both speak highly of the teachers they love,” says Carmen. “I feel honoured we can send our girls here so they can have this educational experience.”

Carmen is the founder of Melbourne-based women’s fashion company, Lounge the Label. As a business owner and fashion designer she’s had to find her own path. But she remembers learning from her teachers at MLC the value of finding positive mentors.

“I had teachers who nurtured and inspired me,” she says. “I knew I could learn from them and ask them for help, which helped me to identify others I could learn from later on.”

Jade nods her head at this. “The teachers don’t treat us like babies,” she says. “They treat us like we’re mature.” Her eyes light up when she speaks of heading off to MLC Marshmead in Term 4. “Everyone I know who’s gone has loved it and not wanted to come home.”

For new arrival Paris, the Star Café and the College's sports facilities show her that life is more grown up and filled with many new opportunities here.

“You can go into the gymnastics area at lunch,” she says. “They even have a pool with diving boards!”

“I was really excited to come to a school that mum loved,” adds Paris. “We’d heard so much about it.”

Carmen’s fondest memories of MLC centre around friendship – she met one of her closest friends today when she was in Year 7.

“I’ve told my girls that it doesn’t always happen that way, but for me, making a lifelong friend at school was a golden moment.”

MLC's student population today is very similar to the way it was in 1987, which both girls see as a benefit.

“I love the size of the school,” says Jade. “There are so many girls to get to know and different groups of friends to hang around with.” Paris agrees. “I’ve really loved meeting so many new people,” she says.

Carmen sees MLC’s underlying tradition as one of instilling a sense of community and strength in women, helping girls to embrace the power of what they want to be in life.

With such a variety of students to meet, collaborate and learn with, it’s not surprising MLC has a reputation for producing 'world-ready women' – in every field.
Jade loves studying photography and Paris hopes to take arts-based electives too, when she reaches Year 8.

“They’re both creative girls and I felt they needed more choice apart from academics,” says Carmen. “That was one of my biggest reasons for sending them to MLC - the opportunities are extensive.”

For now, the girls are returning home each day, excited by new friends and with stories to share.

“There are so many rich connections we can make together,” says Carmen.

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