Miriam Beasy

Head of Science

From her first day as a student teacher at MLC, Miriam Beasy says her career has been nurtured by College staff.

"I am the product of the time and effort that all the staff at MLC have invested in me, and their professionalism and expertise," says Miriam, who found her way into teaching after initially pursuing a medical science career.

As Head of Science, Miriam leads a dynamic team of 34 colleagues, as well as the development and implementation of curriculum and best practice approaches to teaching and learning. She also maintains an active role in the classroom.

"It is the people at MLC that make it such an amazing place to work. To me the staff are the best and I am also very lucky to work with such an amazing group of students," she says.

The MLC science curriculum and testing methodology work toward building contemporary skills including critical thinking, problem solving and team work - to provide students not solely without knowledge, but the tools to independently understand concepts in an environment of rapid changes.

"Our aim is to encourage science literacy and higher order thinking. Our learning approaches emphasise innovation, collaboration, and the skills and tenacity to nut things out and work as a team."

Nicole Harris

Head of English

Introduced to the world of literature by her grandfather, following his footsteps to a career in education was only natural for MLC Head of English, Nicole Harris.

"My maternal grandfather was always curious about the world. Our friendship and the way he liked to help others inspired me to take the path of education," recalls Nicole.

Leading the English faculty, Nicole supports a holistic teaching philosophy designed to encourage students to view challenges not as obstacles, but as opportunities for growth.

"I really love my job and the MLC Community - the students, my colleagues and the environment for learning. We are all learners here, and I find that really inspiring," she says.

In today's English classroom, students are give the rools required to build connections, network and collaborate, and to develop a creative and entrepreneurial mindset.

Digital literacy is a large component of the curriculum, with a focus on navigating and understanding the vast amount of information available online.

"We teach students to read deeply when they are reading from a screen and help them manage knowledge and information to clearly articulate their understanding," explains Nicole.

Beyond the classroom, Nicole is involved in the research and development of innovative teaching methodologies designed to meet the individual needs of MLC students.