As a graduate of MLC, past students share pride in their school and together form a globally connected network of over 30,000 members.

Former MLC students are encouraged to keep in touch with one another through a program of reunions, regular communications and events, and through the College's secure website for past students. The Old Collegians' Club (OCC) welcomes every former student and provides many opportunities to stay connected to the College, and to other past students.

Alumnae Website

MLC Reunion Program

The MLC Alumnae Reunion Program fosters friendships around the world and provides opportunities to renew old friendships and meet other like-minded alumnae.  

At five year intervals, commencing one year after a student has left MLC, the College organises and hosts a reunion for the appropriate year group. All reunions are designed to be enjoyable, informal social occasions. The one, five, ten and fifteen year reunions are generally held off campus while all other reunions are held ad the College. 

2019 OCC Reunions
Date Event    (Year Reunion) Location
Saturday, 2 February Class of 1969 (50) MLC
Saturday, 16 February Class of 1959 (60) MLC
Thursday, 7 March Class of 2014 (5) Off Site
Saturday, 4 May Class of 1964 (55) MLC
Thursday, 9 May Class of 2009 (10) Off Site
Saturday, 18 May Class of 1999 (20) MLC
Saturday, 25 May Class of 1984 (35) MLC
Saturday, 15 June Class of 1989 (30) MLC
Saturday, 22 June Class of 1974 (45) MLC
Saturday, 17 August Class of 2004 (15) MLC
Saturday, 24 August Class of 1994 (25) MLC
Thursday, 10 October Class of 2018 (1) Off Site
Saturday, 19 October Class of 1979 (40) MLC
Saturday, 26 October Silver Circle Reunion  Class of 1920-1958 MLC
For me, an MLC education opened doors - not simply in exposure to different activities and experiences, but in the way the ethos of the College and its teachers encouraged me to set my sights high and understand the work it would take to get there.
Eleanor Brown (Class of 2008)

News & Events

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July 30, 2019
Model UN Assembly
We were delighted to once again host this debate, with over 100 students from 8 schools taking part!
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July 29, 2019
Art Exhibition
MLC is fortunate to be currently displaying numerous works from many prominent Australian artists - make sure you have a look next time you're on campus!
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June 19, 2019
GEN+ Talks
All Year 9-12 students are invited to attend GEN+ Talks, a student-run day of inspirational and powerful talks given by 11 students and 3 teachers!
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